Satellite Monitoring System
Included in the price of the equipment, at no extra cost!














KOMTRAX™, the best performing wireless monitoring system developed by Komatsu, will help you work more efficiently. It provides a range of information about your equipment that will reduce costs and will guarantee top technical and functional performance of the machines.

KOMTRAX™ will provide information that will help you save time and maximize profit:

Full monitoring of equipment - Benefit from detailed operating data, including fuel consumption, to know when your machines are used and how productive they actually are. .

Complete management of all equipment - Know the exact location of the equipment at any time and discourage their unauthorized use or theft.

Full technical condition of equipment - Receive warnings, alerts and cautions, via a web site or by e-mail, directly to your phone, and you can plan maintenance activities, thereby increasing the life of the equipment.

What details of interest to you does Komtrax offer?  

- Equipment working time
- Equipment efficiency
- Fuel consumption
- Fuel saving guide
- Fleet summary
- Fleet location
- Protection against unauthorized use
- Control over the operating area
- Tracking equipment during transport
- Motion alarm
- Warnings
- Maintenance planning
- Detailed monitoring of the particulate filter
- Overheating
- Email notifications